Suddenly it will just stop, you know. Your tears will stop from falling, your heart will stop from breaking and everything will just stop hurting. You won’t notice it at first of course, but eventually, you will. You will hear his name and your heart will not falter a beat. You will listen to the song that both of you have listened to but you won’t treat every line as a dagger that aims straight to your heart. You will start waking up every morning and he won’t be the first one that would come to your mind. You will look at your phone without expecting his name to flash on your screen. You will stop whining about your broken heart and you will just be.. okay. You won’t notice it but little by little, you are starting to move forward. You may not forget everything that happened, you may not remove all the pain inside you, you may not be the same after but you will get better. One day you will just look at yourself in the mirror with a smile on your face because you made it. The hardest part is over and you are ready to move on to the next chapter.